IC40 - Batch Control Using the ANSI/ISA88 Standards (IC40)

IC40 - Batch Control Using the ANSI/ISA88 Standards (IC40)

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Batch Control Using the ANSI/ISA88 Standards (IC40)

Length: 3 days
CEU Credits: 2.1
Course Hours: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.


"A good overview of ISA88. Course met objectives." -Jason Packard, Senior Research Scientist

This course presents an approach to developing functional requirements/specifications using the models and terminology defined in the ANSI/ISA88 batch control standards. A review of the characteristics of batch manufacturing systems is included. Participants will explore the ANSI/ISA88 concept that separates the recipe from the equipment. This course includes a methodology that defines an object approach based on ANSI/ISA88 that promotes the reuse of these objects from one project to the next.

You will be able to:

  • Specify the requirements for a batch control system
  • Effectively structure and subdivide equipment entities
  • Define procedural elements that can be effectively used with the above equipment entities
  • Describe modes and states and how they are applied at the equipment level
  • Develop phase logic that executes in equipment and that can deal with both normal and abnormal operations
  • Recognize the various control languages that are available
  • Identify the alternative architectures for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), and PC-based control systems
  • Describe the interfaces that are needed between batch control and other systems within an enterprise

You will cover:

  • ANSI/ISA88 Standards: NAMUR NE33 Guidelines | IEC 848 | IEC-1131
  • Physical Model: Process Cells | Units | Equipment Modules | Control Modules
  • Recipe Types: General | Site | Master | Control
  • Recipe Information Categories: Header | Procedure | Formula | Equipment Requirements
  • Procedural Control Model: Procedure | Unit | Operation | Phase
  • Modes and States: Exception Handling | Allocation and Arbitration
  • Batch Tracking: History | Reports
  • Control Activity Model: Recipe Management | Production Planning and Scheduling | Production Information Management | Process Management | Unit Supervision | Process Control | Personnel and Environmental Protection

Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

  • Develop procedural elements using the ANSI/ISA88 procedural control model and test those procedural elements against the equipment entities
  • Develop recipes using the ANSI/ISA88 recipe model and the ANSI/ISA88 recipe representation
  • Develop phase logic that runs in the equipment entities and links to the procedural elements
  • Apply the modes and various states defined in ANSI/ISA88

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