Dymola - Electric Power Library

Dymola - Electric Power Library

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Product #: 5CP-EPY-C-PLC

Description: DYMOLA

  • Revolutionary new solutions for the efficient modeling and simulation of complex power electronic system
  • Rapid modeling and simulation of power electronics, mechanics and thermal dynamics in a single model environment
  • Accurate simulation results that better depict reality as more integrated electric systems models can be built
  • Optimize performance with a wide range of components resulting in significant cost and time reductions in designing electric power systems
  • Transient and steady state simulations
  • Single phase AC and DC
  • Three phase AC with multiple representations available (abc, dq0, dq)
  • Easily integrated into any application domain


  • Model and simulate complex power electronic systems, mechanics and thermodynamics in a single environment
  • Deliver accurate simulation results that better depict reality
  • Perform accurate modeling and simulation of transient and steady state systems