Concept Building Designer

Concept Building Designer

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Product #: 6CP-BDG-PLC

Description: Design/Engineering

  • Geolocate a building project
  • Perform site massing and daylighting studies
  • Quickly model conceptual surface building driver geometry with the Imagine and Shape application
  • Create associative 2D design documents from the 3D model
  • Quickly model all building elements with standard generic building component catalogs in the Building Space Planning application
  • Model a conceptual building structure using standard steel sizes from different catalogs with the Building Structures application
  • Import various file types to collect project site information
  • Produce quality renderings with the Live Rendering application


  • Create low and mid-Level of Detail (LOD 300) Building Information Models (BIM), fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)
  • Extensive scalability for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity
  • Model quickly with an out-of-the-box standard set of generic building components
  • Achieve design clarity and avoid ambiguity by modeling the entire building with custom or generic templates
  • Author building information models with the worlds most robust Product Lifecycle Management platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform