Aero Surface Modeler

Aero Surface Modeler

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Product #: 6CP-IAD-PLC

Description: Design/Engineering

Overview – Aero Surface Modeler: State of the art integrated Class-A surface modeling solution

Achieving perfection in surface quality
The demands of today’s competitive aerospace market present designers with a wide range challenges. Product replacement cycles are shortening, and design precision is increasingly critical. Together, these pressures are making the entire design process more intensive than ever. In the aerospace field in particular, designers need to create complex aeronautical surfaces as quickly and as accurately as possible according to stringent industry specifications. Engineers must incorporate changes more rapidly. And feasibility analysis has to be incorporated into the development of the initial concept.
Aero Surface Modeler provides advanced surface lofting and global modeling capabilities. It delivers advanced modeling tools to create, edit analyze and global model complex surface models to facilitate the processes within the Aerospace domain of Surface Lofting and interior aircraft cabin design. Powerful integrated surface modeling for lofting and aeronautical surface design, enables experts to refine aerodynamic surfaces taking any curve or surface mathematics into consideration

  • Optimize aero- or hydro- dynamics shapes and forms with a high level of surface quality (up to G3 continuity) while maintaining high accuracy
  • Control shapes and their advanced mathematics for optimal control of the shape and size of geometry
  • Improve downstream processes such as composites design, tool path or meshing using higher quality surfaces