3DEXPERIENCE Mechatronic Systems Engineer (SQK-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Mechatronic Systems Engineer (SQK-OC)

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Leverage the power of Modelica and 3DEXPERIENCE to rapidly develop, simulate and validate complex mechatronic systems

The Mechatronic Systems Engineer role offers a full spectrum of next generation solutions including systems architecture design, modeling and simulation for the development of complex mechatronic products and systems. These complex systems typically comprise a combination of mechanical, embedded control software, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies that all interact with one another. Global understanding of the systems behavior on an open and single platform helps the engineers to quickly develop and asses the optimal solution.

Mechatronics Systems Engineer Pack (SQK) is a commercial role, composed of 2 technical roles: Mechatronic Systems Specifier (SMZ) and Mechatronic Systems Designer (SMQ)

  • Rapid development of systems comprising of mechanical, embedded control software, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies through a rich integrated 2D & 3D systems development environment
  • Minimize development cost and effort through the reuse of modular components and systems
  • Ensure compliance with market and regulatory requirements through a structured Model Based Systems Engineering approach
  • Reuse intellectual property, expertise and models across multiple systems and products
  • All disciplines share common understanding of a product or systems behavior
  • Multi-physic dynamic systems modeling, simulation and validation with full 3D associativity
  • Leverage the open Modelica standard to create rich systems models that are fully associative with rich 3D mechanical models
  • Powerful physic-based 3D kinematic simulation and analysis
  • Rich integration, simulation & co-simulation 3DEXPERIENCE platform that supports over 30 simulators through the open Modelica and FMI standards
  • Fast & complete convergence between multiple engineering domains encompassing Requirement Management tightly coupled to the Functional and Logical composition of systems


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