3DEXPERIENCE Dymola - Fuel Cell Library

3DEXPERIENCE Dymola - Fuel Cell Library

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Product #: 5CP-FCY-C-PLC

Description: DYMOLA

  • Well suited for fuel cell system and component design
  • May be used in any fuel cell application domain
  • Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and Proton exchange fuel cells (PEMFC) in the same tool
  • Significantly reduce systems development time due to fast and accurate systems modeling and simulation
  • Predefined reactors for fuel pre-processing and internal stack reforming
  • Wide range of components which can be efficiently used in any fuel cell application domain
  • Easy to adapt stack and reactor templates to new structures
  • Handles reformate and other ideal gas mixtures


  • Design fuel cell systems from library models that include components, subsystems, templates, and media
  • Model and simulate PEMFC (Polymer Exchange Membrane) and SOFC (Solid Oxide) based fuel cell systems
  • Reduce costs through simulation of scenarios that are expensive and difficult to physically test


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