3DEXPERIENCE Systems Engines Library

3DEXPERIENCE Systems Engines Library

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Product #: 6CP-EIZ-PLC

Description: Design/Engineering

  • Support modelling engines as Mean Value models for fast simulation and Crank Angle Resolved models for detailed analysis
  • A single model including intake and exhaust flow and mechanical dynamics
  • Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition engines
  • Supports naturally aspirated and forced induction (turbochargers and superchargers)
  • Uses standard Modelica connectors to ensure compatibility with other automotive model libraries
  • Uses the Rotational3D library developed by Claytex for efficient simulation of rotating MultiBody systems


  • Easy to customize to investigate new technologies like Variable Camshaft Timing and Atkinson cycle engines
  • Add turbochargers, superchargers and related components such as intercoolers
  • Easy to switch from mean value and crank angle models through common templates


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