DEXPERIENCE   Mechanical Motion Designer (MMO-OC)

DEXPERIENCE Mechanical Motion Designer (MMO-OC)

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Mechanical Motion Designer (MMO-OC)



Engineer accurate mechanism motion, composed of sophisticated sheet metal, machined metal parts for tooling and general mechanical applications


Mechanical Motion Designer role provides a complete set of applications in order to perform mechanical systems design and validation, based on 3D geometry, assemblies and parts, for any sophisticated mechanism, such as tooling, machinery, doors, panels or devices. 

Engineering connections created during the Assembly Design phase are directly reused to define kinematics joints and mechanisms in a seamless workflow. Mechanisms can then be combined together to create more sophisticated mechanical systems. Direct manipulation and mechanism player command enable users to quickly position the parts and rapidly check their design and the motion of the assembly. Functional checks and validation of mechanisms can be carried out by running kinematic or dynamic simulation with collision detection, measures, swept volumes and traces. Moreover, the structural behavior of the assembly can be quickly validated by applying loads on the parts, using the best-in-class finite element modeling technologies, with a simple but complete assistant for mechanical engineers.

  • Track and analyze the entire kinematics behavior of the mechanical system along the complete development process
  • Validate mechanical motions and share to all the stakeholders 3D animations and space reservations.
  • Re-use and adapt complex 3D templates including company design rules and best practices
  • Predict the structural behavior of the mechanical assembly under loads
What's New

New in R2021x

  • Assembly and Product definition to manage parts and sub-assemblies
  • Generative wireframe and surface design for motion geometry creation
  • 3D Template re-use
  • Mechanism Design, including mechanism of mechanisms
  • Kinematic & dynamics Simulation with complete set of excitations and probes
  • 3D animations, traces, swept volumes, collision detection and results generation out of kinematic or dynamic simulation.
  • 3D animation can be reviewed by any 3DEXPERIENCE stakeholder using 3DPlay



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