3DEXPERIENCE  Additive Manufacturing Programmer (AMP)

3DEXPERIENCE Additive Manufacturing Programmer (AMP)

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Additive Manufacturing Programmer (AMP) is a 3D interactive environment that enables Manufacturing Engineers to optimize powder bed fusion manufacturing techniques. AMP makes it easy for Engineers to setup, optimize, program, and re-use additive manufacturing processes. AMP lets users choose the proper material and machine, which can then be stored as a configuration for reuse. To fully optimize the production set-up, engineers can automatically nest paamp or adjust the part placement manually on the build tray. Users can create diverse support structures to stabilize the part, or use AMP to recognize zones, and add suppoamp where needed automatically. AMP has a unique capability to generate scanned paths based on the 3D geometry. Users can apply appropriate strategies and control quality variables for both paamp and suppoamp. This helps improve quality of the part and also mitigate waste during production. The laser path can then be output in 3MF, AMF and STL formats.


  • Save time and energy by archiving best practices for reuse
  • Engineers can retrieve previously produced designs, using existing additive machines, build trays and powder specifications to define suppoamp and set laser attributes. They can run a similar-part search to find an existing configuration and its template, then apply it automatically to suppoamp and laser path parameters.
  • Optimized part positioning
  • Automatically optimizing the part positions on the build tray lets users increase part production without compromising each part’s integrity. By controlling where the part is printed on the tray helps ensure part quality.
  • Creation of suppoamp
  • Users of AMP can generate Lattice, Conical and Linear suppoamp for their geometry. This adds flexibility by allowing the user to develop different strategies for the additive process.
  • Multiple Outputs
  • AMP can output multiple geometry files such as STL, AMF, 3MF, SLC and CLI. AMP also outputs 3MF and MTT (Renishaw) files. This allows the user to implement a wide variety of 3D printers and additive systems to accommodate any production scenario

User values

  • Automatic part placement and orientation
  • AMP has rule based nesting capabilities to orient paamp on the print tray to the best manufacturing direction. If no existing configuration or manufacturing direction is available, AMP will compute the most effective orientation for saving powder and time and for minimizing suppoamp. AMP can avoid positioning paamp in low-precision areas of the build tray, taking coating blade direction into account.
  • Automatically generates suppoamp
  • AMP provides linear, conical, tree or lattice suppoamp to prepare designs for powder bed manufacturing. AMP utilizes a rule based approach to identify the appropriate areas for suppoamp to be used. The user can also implement their preferred method of using suppoamp.
  • Create the laser path
  • AMP generates a laser path based on the 3D geometry. Users can then implement a variety of techniques including back-and-forth, helical, as well as contouring and morphing operations. They can also adjust laser management parameters such as power, speed, spot diameter and melting depth.
  • Program the additive system
  • AMP has the ability to program the additive system. Once the laser path has been created, it can then be translated to APT code to be loaded into the additive system, or other outputs are available such as 3MF and MTT (Renishaw).
  • Re-usable best practices
  • Once the optimum laser path, material, laser parameters, machine, etc. are defined, they can be stored as templates to be used again. These best practices for additive manufacturing can be searched and applied to other paamp of the same type.


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