3DEXPERIENCE    Body Fastener Designer (BOFAT-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Body Fastener Designer (BOFAT-OC)

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Body Fastener Designer is a role dedicated to the design and instantiation of fasteners in Transportation & Mobility Body Structure Engineering Process

Body Fastener Designer accelerates complex body in white fastened assemblies design, simulation and manufacturing, thanks to automated fasteners instantiation capabilities based on company standards and rules.


For each general fastening technology, specific fastening process codes along with their matching relevant parameters can be set up in a standard file (which can be fully customized by the customer).

Each fastener is modelized as a unitary object fastener and is integrated in the search, lifecycle and configuration capabilities.

Fasteners have joined zone where the parts that are fastened are specified. You can create, edit and delete fasteners. In addition, flat reports can be generated from the app to list the data that can be imported to a neutral ASCII text format, providing opening with customer legacy systems.

  • Perform  the complete definition of the fasteners of the vehicle body in white with the most detailed level of the design
  • Key functions supporting Concurrent Engineering, Lifecycle & Change Management and  Downstream processes  (Ex: Manufacturing, Simulation...)
  • Enforce company standards and rules usage, reducing number of errors
  • Reduce errors of tolerancing and drawing interpretation
What's New

Body Fastener Designer is a new role dedicated to the design and instantiation of fasteners in Transportation & Mobility Body Structure Engineering Process

  • Fastener Analysis & Review
    • Identify in the wink of an eye fasteners and fastened parts
    • Analyze millions of fastening links among others
    • Refine a subset of impacted parts
    • Build an appropriate session based on relations between parts and fasteners
  • Assembly Definition
    • Suitable navigation to analyze millions of fastening links
    • Define, position and instantiate fasteners easily
    • Automatic joint definition
    • Stacking automatic detection
    • Standard vizualization option (point, symbolic view, k-vector, axis system, mechanical view)
    • Concurrent engineering
  • Design rule Validation
    • Stacking consistency
    • Edge distance
    • Pitch
    • Angularity
  • Assembly Manufacturing / Process definition
    • Assembly steps definition
    • Automatic fastener link analysis
    • Supply condition
    • Resource management
    • Fastener consumption
    • Hole generation (assembly holes, pilot holes)
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