3DEXPERIENCE  Building Structures Engineer (BUSTC-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Building Structures Engineer (BUSTC-OC)

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A comprehensive set of applications to design detailed building structures for construction

The Building Structures Engineerrole enables structural design engineers to manage and execute all phases of a project from design to fabrication within a single platform. It is a powerful suite of 3D applications that increase design speed, developed specifically to create structural Building Information Models (BIM).


The Building Structures Engineeron the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform delivers a truly collaborative design environment where architects, engineers, planners, consultants and building owners can work together to realize a building project.


By harnessing the powerful and intuitive conceptual building structures design application along with Terrain Preparation and a robust detailed concrete rebar design application, users can generate parametric structural models from catalogs of standard industry members and virtually assemble the building in its entirety before construction begins.

  • Create Level of Development (LOD) 450 Building Information Models (BIM), fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)
  • Extensive scalability for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity
  • Skip tedious workflows by fabricating building components directly from the 3D design model
  • Achieve design clarity and avoid ambiguity by modeling the entire building with custom or generic templates
  • Author building information models with the worlds most robust Product Lifecycle Management platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
What's New
  • New steel detailing features allow designers and engineers to model detailed steel connections
  • Enhancements to Building Structures allows users to generate horizontal structures and canopies
  • Intelligent rebar splitting and couplers to improve productivity
  • Geolocate a building project
  • Model the surrounding terrain to a high level of detail
  • Create low Level of Detail structural models with Building Structures
  • Perform quantity take-off and volumetric studies of all structural members
  • Link structural models to Simulia for analysis
  • Design detailed rebar layers from :
  • Catalog of more than 60 predefined shapes (fixed or adaptive to concrete geometry)
  • Existing bars by strapping (stirrup, lacing…)
  • Flexible rebar layout tools using advanced pattern definition capabilities
  • Clash analysis directly integrated into the rebar the design application
  • Produce customizable reports
  • Extract parts of the building assembly for fabrication
  • Create associative construction documents from the 3D model
  • Create Engineering Templates to maximize knowledge reuse
  • Create custom scripts to automate repetetive tasks with knowledge patterns, actions, reations and rules

A comprehensive set of applications to design detailed building structures for construction


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