3DEXPERIENCE  Human Experience Designer (HXD-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Human Experience Designer (HXD-OC)

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The Role ‘Human Experience Designer’ provides to any 3DEXPERIENCE user access to virtual Human  to better create, engineer, simulate and validate their products, environments and experiences in multiple industries.

Moving to the age of experience, it becomes natural and essential to put the human at the center of the Experience Thinking.

The Role Human Experience Designer allows Creative Designers to express their design intent using Human as a reference, to shape ideas with a human in posture for proportion evaluation or concept design validation. It also helps Engineers to validate their assemblies and kinematic designs.

Human Experience Designer facilitates the Design Experience, to explore  and validate the best product user experience in the early design and engineering phases, including in immersive  context within  a consolidated environment.

The Consumer Experience can then be explored and validated through multiple scenarios in various Industry contexts.

In environmental contexts, Human helps to better communicate on projects to win the design decision.


The Role Human Experience Designer provides:

  • access to Human configuration and posing in context
  • human motion creation functionalities to better explore the consumer experience
  • High quality integrated rendering (Ambiences, Material library, Global illumination, RayTracing) for an holistic human experience of the product
  • Human interactions within Experience Context, to make easier and better decisions with Human at the heart of the design review
  • human as an avatar in VR review and design process
What's New
  • Product connection enhancement with multi-connection
  • Export Human as a solid for downstream processes
  • Normalization of UI for UX enhancements
  • Animation | bvh import & export enhancements


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