3DEXPERIENCE  Hydroformed Airframe Designer (HYAIA-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Hydroformed Airframe Designer (HYAIA-OC)

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Accelerate the Hydroformed Sheetmetal part design with respect to manufacturing rules, in context of an Airframe assembly including model based definition.

Hydroformed Airframe Designer role allows to design Airframe particularly focusing on the cost-effective Hydroformed sheet metal process, while adopting a full Model Based Design approach.


All sheet metal specifications are captured to build a corporate knowledge-based automation to increase the quality of the designs. All company-defined standards tables are made available to the designer to increase the design standardization and reduce the manufacturing cost. Thanks to the complete integration within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, it is possible to share modifications real-time and work concurrently in teams on the same product.


The role covers the most comprehensive processes, including high-quality surface & part design, assembly creation, mechanism motion, 3D mock-up review, tolerances and annotations creation in 3D and drawing generation. The full product manufacturing information is conveyed with complete product definition through 3D annotations. The dedicated drawing capability includes unfolded view aling with some specific settings making manufacturing preparation very easy for supply chain collaboration. 

  • Cuts tooling design cost thanks to dedicated manufacturing preparation functions
  • Reduces design and manufacturing errors thanks to process oriented sheet metal features
  • Leverage Model Based Design through fast 3D Tolerancing adoption
  • Cuts design modifications capitalizing IP and applying automated design and check rules
  • Reduces Decision Times using concurrent engineering delivered by the single platform
  • Avoid repititive taks by re-using existing design assets
  • Increase the number of studies for complex mechanism design and motion alternatives on large assemblies with flexibility
  • Reduce errors of tolerancing and drawing interpretation.
  • Complete Product definition throughout 3D annotations conveying full Product Manufacturing Information.
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What's New

Hydroformed Airframe Designer is a new role to design Airframe sheet metal parts particularly focusing on productive Hydroformed process.

    • Associative and dedicated hydroformed sheet metal feature-based modeling in context of an Airframe assembly 
    • Real-time concurrent engineering between the unfolded or folded 3D shape representations 
    • Access to company-defined standards tables and capture corporate knowledge, increases the quality of designs 
    • The Semantic Tolerancing Advisor guides the designer to be compliant with standards such as ISO, ANSI/ASME and JIS. 
    • Perform detailed Product review to detect and track interferences, check the weight distribution and analyze the digital mock-up with relevant engineering data 
    • Capitalize on your assets, capture modeling methodologies and reuse associative templates with Knowledge based design automation 
    • Dedicated drawing capability including unfolded view with specific settings, generating associative layouts with multi-views, dimensions, and associated bill of materials



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