3DEXPERIENCE  Structural Packaging Designer (PKD-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Structural Packaging Designer (PKD-OC)

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Improved design capabilities to provide more robust and accurate packaging with a seamless integration between design and manufacturing.

Structural Packaging Designer role provides a powerful and easy to use set of capabilities to design Packaging. Thanks to the complete integration within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, all data created can be shared and matured by all collaborators and disciplines. Users are able to create innovative design, using concurrent engineering between unfolded and folded view.


Moreover this role offers :

  • the enhancement of product performance and reliability thanks to 3D/2D for cross conception capabilities
  • the reduction in development costs and recalls with a seamless interaction with simulation
  • a better digital collaboration, an accelerated innovation & an improved productivity to Accelerate Time-To-Market provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • Design in 3D and Dual view 3D/2D for cross conception
    • Take Advantage of the dual view to design the structural package in context. The benefits of this functionality remain in the fact you can check all the aspect of you packaging in just a click. Switch between the views and verify the different state of your design.
  • Respect of the design rules (1/2 thickness rule) and company standards
    • The respect of the design rules is essential to make sure your design will match the reality. The behavior of you structural package will be the same in the 3D environment and in real life. Defining the company standards reduce tooling design by proposing only the good fold type to the designer.
  • Manage folded cycles (gusset) & gluing cycles
    • In Structural Package Design application you will be able to manage gluing cycles and folded cycles. The gluing cycle will allow designer to manage different state of the packaging and respecting the gluing zone. The capability to manage complex folded cycle will allow the designer to work on advanced packaging.
  • Use of Template and partial element
    • Capture existing design methodologies thanks to the feature-based modeling approach for part automation and adaptive templates. Factorize definition of repetitive, complex or sensitive design elements.
    • Do not re-create: reuse & instantiate existing 3D & engineering templates to capitalize on your assets and generate family of components to accelerate your design.
  • Dedicated drafting
    • The Designer will be offer the capability to modify the drawing aspect by choosing the color and type different feature (type of fold, type of cutout and outline).
  • Advance material
    • The new capability to define different material per faces allow the designer to have a better understanding of the final result and help him create as real as possible rendering images
  • Management of domains for multi domain bodies
    • The capacity to manage multi-bodies is essential to create opening package (example: zipper pack). The artwork is following and the drawing will stay as one part even if you moved the different bodies.
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What's New

New role introduction in R2021x

  • Reduces design and manufacturing errors thanks to process oriented structural package features
  • Cuts tooling design thanks to dedicated Standards preparation
  • Cuts design modifications capitalizing IP throw templates and applying automated design using power copy
  • Reduces Decision Times using concurrent engineering delivered by the single platform




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