3DEXPERIENCE   Style & Class-A Modeler (ICD-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Style & Class-A Modeler (ICD-OC)

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State of the art and intergated Class-A surface modeling solution combining the power of CATIA with the precision of ICEM

Achieving perfection in surface quality : a full set of surface modeling tools which enable digital sculptors to reach perfect surface quality


Style & Class A Modeler provides a comprehensive suite of products to create, edit and analyze aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest Class A surface quality starting from basic inputs such as design sketches through to the generation of real-time rendering of the final shape.


Supporting the hybrid world of both explicit, direct surface modeling techniques and associative feature based methodology, Class A Modeler dramatically improves the productivity in the Automotive Class-A process and delivers new levels of integration in the overall product development process.


Create, modify, analyze and render any type of aesthetical and ergonomic shape
Achieve high-end surface quality, up to Class-A level
Deliver final product surfaces, with G3-continuity, based on inputs such as design-sketches, scanned data or subdivision surfaces

What's New

CATIA real time visualization: in all applications, enhancement of the Ambience Overload command:

New section „Lighting Parameters

  • Globally available as Ambience Overload in View
  • Retrieve CATIA V5 lighting tool in similar UI based on new render technology
  • Option to add or replace lights of any ambience
  • Light Orbiting on preview sphere

New section „Environment Lighting

  • Parameters to tune Neon lighting maps
  • Presets (multiple lines or horizon)
  • Axis choice and intensity setup

Applications for Concept & Class-A Modeling
High-end Surface Modeling, diagnosis & evaluation tools
High-end visualisation t


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