3DEXPERIENCE   Systems Battery Library (BTZ-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Systems Battery Library (BTZ-OC)

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Bring battery simulation to the system level on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The Systems Battery Library is a Modelica-based simulation library to support the integration of battery cells in complex systems and the design of electrical storage systems.


This Library is adaptable in modeling in detail and in frequency range. It accelerates the design of the coupled electrical and thermal design of electrical vehicles, mobile devices, tooling equipment, autonomous robots and many others. It is suitable for every system that requires an independent energy supply.


The Battery Library is tailored to model cells and battery packs for a broad range of applications. It provides an all in one solution for simulating batteries. The library can be used to model a variety of different cell types and aid in dimensioning, battery system performance studies under varying temperatures, ageing studies, as well as control system development and evaluation. Convenient data handling, prepared experiments and easily customizable models make the library easy to use. It accounts for different geometries of the cells and enables the user to make detailed thermal models of the cells and the packs.

  • Fosters productivity with built-in algorithms for model management and data handling
  • Consider variation of cell parameters in a battery pack - The system simulation approach of the Battery Library allows to gauge effects inside the storage system
  • Gauge effects of temperature spread on pack capacity and performance - Temperature and voltage spreads across battery cells due to variation of cell parameters, start values or boundary conditions can be analyzed efficiently
  • Generate look-up table parameters from measurement data with inbuilt functions
  • It is possible to asses a number effects for battery systems in a vehicle, grid or airframe context 
  • Calculate the true performance of your battery system including thermal and aging effects
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  • Ready-to-use implementation of important ISO norms for batteries
  • Preconfigured models for several cell shapes and chemistries
  • Physical class interfaces make the library compatible with all Modelica Libraries
  • Ready-to-use simulation test benches for relevant ISO-Norms for energy efficiency, cranking power and capacity
  • Table-based and equation-based cell models for the calculation of thermal, electric and aging


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