3DEXPERIENCE  Virtual & Real Reconstruction Designer (VRR-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Virtual & Real Reconstruction Designer (VRR-OC)

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Virtual & Real Reconstruction Designer offers a comprehensive toolset of styling surfaces, mechanical & human design, plus full rendering & VR capabilities.

Able to process even large data sets, the role allows full geometrical reconstruction with best class B quality in an optimized time frame (ignoring fillet/chamfers, or not).

Resulting shapes can be set to various level of abstraction (surface or solid, part or product) depending on targeted process. Various worklflows allow to validate results against several criteria:

  • data abstraction vs targeted usage (surface / solid, sharp edge/fillets...)
  • best experience compromise vs. prototype accuracy,
  • part dimensioning control,
  • compensated shape computation,
  • surface quality check through high-end visualization & offsetability treshold

For reconstruction from scan,ccelerate the workflow from 1 day to 1 hour for Class B Surfaces.

Upgrade virtual model up to final accurate product, ready for detailled prototyping

Benefit from VR, rendering & Human design to check virtual prototype experience first, and minimize physical iterations cost.



What's New

CATIA Digitized Shape Preparation

Import of large cloud (billions of points) is now permitted


Get Reverse Engineer role, enriched with toolset for mechanical, styling & experience design, to secure accurate product re-design and prototyping, for any process workflow between real and virtual worlds


CATIA Digitized Shape To Surface

Fictive Edge can now be built on top of any kind of curve (including multi-cells)

Fictive Edge can get auto-distributed section along its guiding curve.


Engineering IP Control

Filtering can now be done against visibility criteria, from part up to face granularity (allowing "jacketting" workflow first step)

  • Import, check, repair and optimize scanned data, even large cloud (billions of points)
  • Reconstruct exact geometry from any scan data or polygon modeling through semi-automatic tools
  • Compare the virtual Model with scanned prototype to check consistency and assess dimension validity
  • Immersive and Collaborative Experience for better perception of Virtual model
  • Main toolset for advanced surface design (including subdivision surfaces), mechanical design (solid & assembly design), and high-end rendering
  • Prepare virtual model for 3DPrinting, filter model IP before supplying tasks, pre-validate experience with Human Design.
  • Calculate compensated shape to absorb deforming pheneomenon (from simulation or actual measured results)


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