3DEXPERIENCE Dymola - Hydraulics Runtime Library

3DEXPERIENCE Dymola - Hydraulics Runtime Library

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Product #: 5CP-YHD-C-PLC

Description: DYMOLA

  • Reduced operator risk through development and virtual testing of power hydraulic systems
  • System and component design in the same tool
  • Easily integrated into any application domain in any industry
  • Concurrent engineering design of complex multi-disciplinary products and systems
  • Ideally suited for control system design, validation and testing
  • Faster time to market while minimizing costs through reduced need for physical prototype testing
  • Wide range of pumps, cylinders, valves restrictions, lines and volumes
  • Full Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) support


  • Model and simulate hydraulic systems using mineral or synthetic oil – from early concept studies through to detailed control system design and implementation
  • Use realistic scenarios to virtually test hydraulic systems
  • Remove operator risk and the need for costly physical prototypes during initial systems validation and plant commissioning


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