Car Design Ergonomist
Car Design Ergonomist

Car Design Ergonomist

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Product #: Car Design Ergonomist

Description: Design/Engineering

  • Customizable range of motion for each joint
  • Comfort or safety scoring for postures
  • Custom manikin anthropometry
  • Manikin population switching
  • Manikin gender change
  • Biomechanics analysis
  • Precise automatic positioning of drivers and passengers
  • Automatic SAE standards compliance
  • Posture prediction based on precise anthropometry


  • Groundbreaking user experience in all applications
  • Effectively predict occupant posture with virtual manikins
  • Detect potential for work-related injuries early in the design process
  • Cut costs and avoid design errors by spotting occupancy issues early
  • Reuse and share the posture of the manikins across design disciplines