3DEXPERIENCE Fluid 3D Systems Designer

3DEXPERIENCE Fluid 3D Systems Designer

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Product #: 6CP-FLG-PLC

Description: Design/Engineering

  • Creation and management of routed systems discipline including tubing, piping & HVAC systems.
  • Function-driven piping and tubing part placement.
  • Evolution from preliminary to detailed design layout.
  • Integrated dynamic design rules.
  • Intelligent modification of piping and tubing objects and routes.
  • Query and analysis of piping and tubing parts and configurations.
  • Customizable report definition and drawings.


  • Design and optimize the physical system of both rigid and flexible pipes/tubes and HVAC from basic routing definition to detailed design
  • Design with a highly interactive and intuitive user interface.
  • Integrate business rules.
  • Automatically decompose 3D systems to individual piping and tubing objects, attributes, and relationships on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Full systems traceability delivered with integrated RFLP approach.


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