CATIA V5- Generative Structural Analysis Add ON -GAE

CATIA V5- Generative Structural Analysis Add ON -GAE

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Generative Structural Analysis (GAE) allows designers to understand how their designs behave and to accurately calculate the displacements and stresses within the part or assembly under a variety of loading conditions. It also allows the vibration characteristics of parts to be assessed by calculating the natural frequencies and the associated mode shapes. Analyses can
be performed on volume parts, surface parts, and wireframe geometries.

GAE is ideal for designers who are not experts in finite element analysis (FEA). The finite element mesh automatically adjusts to ensure accurate results without manual intervention. The analysis specification is an extension of the design specification and

the analysis is performed directly on the design geometry. The user interface is a natural extension of that in the CATIA design workbenches. This makes it intuitive and natural for designers to use GAE to ensure that their parts meet their design requirements

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