3DEXPERIENCE  Creative Designer (CCS-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Creative Designer (CCS-OC)

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  To quickly create and explore innovative conceptual ideas with an integrated creative workflow


Creative Designer is the integrated creative workflow addressing ideation, concept modeling to visualization


Creative Designer is the ideal workflow solution for styling and design. It empowers you to import your 2D sketch and to explore ideas by sketching in 3D with CATIA Natural Sketch. Sculpt in 3D with ultra-fast virtual clay modeling thanks to subdivision surfaces technology. At any stage of your design process, add a Human as a reference to design in a proper context. Compose your product with automated assembly features.


Visualize your product and work on colors & trims with high-end real-time visualization, and photo-realistic rendering with mental ray. Standard exports are managed through STEP and IGES formats and STL files for rapid prototyping.

  • Import 2D sketches and develop ideas with a unique 3D-Sketching technology
  • Sculpt in 3D with ultra-fast virtual clay modeling using subdivision surface technology
  • Design within the context of the Human
  • Transform real objects to virtual from a set of 2D photos
  • Visualize products and work on colors and trims with high-end real-time visualization and photo-realistic rendering
  • Creative Designer solution
  • 3D Creativity accessible with easy to learn & use 3D modeling
  • 3D Sketching
  • 3D Virtual Clay Modeling
  • 3D Printing
  • Human Design
  • From photos to Shape
  • Available On-premise or On-The-Cloud
What's New


  • CATIA Natural Sketch
    • NTS VR improvements for a better User Experience and Creativity Workflow
      • More intuituive immersive interface
      • More  direct controls and commands access
      • More natural User Experience while Navigating and Sketching
    • New Color Palette to enrich the Creativity experience and make it faster
  • CATIA Imagine & Shape
    • Productivity and Shaphe Quality Enhancements
      • Alignment along mesh-lines
      • Mesh-line defined parallel to a reference
      • Integration of GSD patterns on Subds & Conversion tool
      • New As Subdiv option in G2 Symmetry tool
      • Integration of Working Areas in Drawing Strips
      • Drawing Tubes warning when all surfaces are closed
      • Fast object selection in all commands
      • Object filter in modification tool
      • Removal of link visual during modification
  • Human Design
    • Human Product multi-connection enhancements to  evaluate  more complex  Design Experiences and reach morecomplex Consumer Experience scenarios
    • Export human shape to a Solid for downstream processes, such as CFD simulation or 3D Printing processes
  • CATIA Live Rendering
    • Navigation enhancements
    • Tools are back in CATIA Live Rendering (Undo/Redo History, Action Pad & Favorites, Collaborative Lifecycling Features, Analyser Tools, Capturing Rasterizer Videos
    • Design Review optilmized camera
    • Decals (geometry UVs, pick decals positioning, re-order, new mapping manipulators)
    • Ambience workflow improvements (staging, 3D light painting, performance)
    • Stellar (animations and stereo, Stellar GPU Rendering, Stellar View Mode, DSPBR import from 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN via 3xf)
    • Performance: Support of Quadro RTX cards, Substances on GPU
    • Substances: Presets and up to 8k texture support
    • AXF support




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