3DEXPERIENCE   Templates & Rules Designer (TER-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Templates & Rules Designer (TER-OC)

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Increase design robustness and productivity, and reduce errors, by capturing company know-how and best practices in all design processes.

Lengthy engineering changes are often the cause of delays and increased production costs. Product designs that continue to use physical prototypes are more prone to errors, delays, and increased costs. However, choosing a solution with built-in knowledge ensures your product conforms to various standards, helping you to work faster and design right the first time.


The Templates & Rules Designer role provides capabilities to easily capture engineering know-how and methodology for highly efficient reuse. As a result, this helps organizations share best practices and avoid duplication of effort.


The Engineering Rules Capture app allows the interactive creation of feature, part and assembly templates which encapsulate geometry specifications, associated parameters and relations (knowledge) for associative reuse. This can all be achieved without the need for skilled programming resources, ensuring that all engineers can instead participate in knowledge sharing and capture activities.


Companies need to streamline their data exchange with built-in entreprise data rules and company standards to save time and focus on innovation. The Quality Rules Capture app enables users to easily and interactively create rules through any data with respecting company standards.

The rules created are pervasive throughout all processes, which means that all process are able to take benefits of those pre-defined rules, thus Increasing quality and reducing costs as well as any types of errors.

  • Use EKL scripting to create powerful design workflows and automations and capitalize on company know-how
  • Interactively create product templates to empower design reuse
  • Create advanced relational designs with embedded rules and checks to increase design adaptability
  • Create and use standard checks for geometry, methodologies and compliance to avoid expensive redesigns
What's New

Templates and Rules Designer (TER) in R2021x replaces Template Designer (KDI) & Quality Rules Designer (KHC) roles in 2020x. It is a superset of the two roles containing all their functionalities. 

  • Pervasive in all design workflows with highly integrated capabilities
  • Interactive, easy & simple process for creating design templates
  • Enrich templates with formula, equations, patterns and custom actions
  • Easily manage and share rules and custom EKL functions through know-how libraries


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