DELMIA Plant Layout Design Essentials (ONLINE)

DELMIA Plant Layout Design Essentials (ONLINE)

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Course Code: DEL-en-MRL-F-15-181 

Discipline: Industrial Engineering

Release: 3DEXPERIENCE R2018x 

Duration: 5.5 Hours

Level: Fundamental

Description: In this course you will learn how to use a 2D drawing to quickly realize a 3D layout. You will learn how to select a resource from a catalog of parametric resources. You will also learn how to position the resources in the 3D layout. You will also learn how to move, snap and align the resources.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
- Create a layout design for a manufacturing plant
- Define the resource structure
- Use the parametric resources from a catalog
- Position and manipulate resources in the 3D environment
- Define and validate the shop floor layouts  

Prerequisites: Students attending this course should have completed the Gateway to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform course.