3DEXPERIENCE  Packaging Designer (PADEG-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Packaging Designer (PADEG-OC)

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Packaging Designer helps Industrial Designers to translate concepts into qualified designs through tight integration between styling and mechnical shape design


In the actual intense competition on the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, the product Style/Design is becoming strategic for the product sales success. Having innovative, appealing products & experience, and quickly on the market to follow the consumer trends is a key success factor.


To meet this challenge, leading companies are investing in Industrial Design in terms of People, Virtual Product, Process & Tools.




Packaging Designer  helps users to translate concepts rapidly into qualified designs through tight integration between styling and technical shape design.


The Structural Package Design application gives a specialized feature-based modeling approach in context of the product to improve decisions at a much earlier stage of the development.


Present & take decision on the Design with Interactive Realtime Experience and Accurate photorealistic rendering

What's New

Packaging Designer is a new Role in the 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x Release

  • Imagine explore creativity styling ideas in 3D with 3D Sketching, Virtual clay Modeling, and Color & Material
  • Create and fine tune 3D shapes and surfaces with integrated surfacing technologies
  • Innovate in the secondary packaging ideation and design process with the integrated  and unique 3D Structural Package design solution
  • Experience the design intent in context of Human, with High End Realtime Visualization and Immersive Experience, and design volumes with 3DPrinting Prototypes
  • Present take decision on the Design with Interactive Realtime Experience and Accurate photorealistic rendering.



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