3DEXPERIENCE   Product Design Presenter (PDP-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Product Design Presenter (PDP-OC)

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 Create and review visual 3D product experiences to explore packaging & product variations and make the right decission

With Product Design Presenter, the user creates visual product experiences in 3D for compelling Styling presentations, design exploration and decision making.


Review and take accurate Design decisions On The Fly. Benefit from the support of an intuitive decision setup and a highly realistic view on your alternatives. Define complex Packages of your product including different Appearances, Surfaces and Design alternatives.


Product Design Presenter offers high-end visualization in real-time as well as physically correct, ray-traced rendering.


The role lets the user set up a design review experience in quick and simple steps. From loading a product, over staging different variations in color & trim, to the capturing of packaging options, viewpoints, different lighting conditions and more. In addition, human templates can be added to give context and a point of reference to the product.


The purpose of the role is to enable and accelerate communication across different fields of expertise. It is available On-Premise & On-Cloud and is targeting Visualization Experts as well as Designers, Design & Engineering Managers and all Decision Makers.


  • Experience a comprehensible presentation of design and product packaging for better decisions
  • Effective and efficient communication of alternatives and design changes in 3D real-time
  • Accurate, high-end real-time visual quality supports profound decision making
  • Accelerate design process with an integrated solution (CATIA)
  • VR-ready
What's New

New Role in 21x that combines the capabilities of Visual Experience Designer and Product Experience Presenter.

  • High-end Local and Precise visualization
  • Accessible creation of variants, packages, animations, views and configurations
  • Enrich presentation with rich content such as 3D Humans, Ambiences, lights and behaviors
  • Present and play the experience by switching between Product Variants, Material Variants, Humans Viewpoints, Environments, Behaviors & predefined Stages
  • Compare designs & experience alternatives


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