3DEXPERIENCE Ergonomics Specialist (EEA)

3DEXPERIENCE Ergonomics Specialist (EEA)

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Human Centric Product and Workplace Design

Ergonomics Specialist (EEA) helps product designers to elevate user experience of their design by integrating ergonomics requirements early in product design phase. It also helps planners to eliminate many human factors risks associated with a workplace when still in the virtual world. Users can create accurate virtual manikins with standard anthropometry (human body dimensions). Designers and planners can place them in a 3D model to evaluate human interactions and accommodation for their product or workplace design. EEA delivers a wide range of manipulation and analysis tools to make ergonomics assessment accessible to 3DEXPERIENCE® users.


  • Easily manipulate manikins
  • Enhanced experience for Posturing Capabilities
  • anikin population switching
  • Assess manikin vision
  • Manikin population switching
  • Biomechanics analysis
  • Push, pull, and carry analysis
  • Lifting and lowering analysis
  • Rapid upper limb assessment
  • Clash Analysis Availability
  • Manage manikin attribute data

User values

  • Groundbreaking user experience in all applications
  • Rapidly evaluate workplace and product designs, with Integration of human factors and ergonomics requirements
  • Detect potential for work-related injuries early in the design process
  • Capture and re-use ergonomic enterprise standards


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