R2021x DELMIA GA Cloud Role Portfolio Ergonomist (EMA)

R2021x DELMIA GA Cloud Role Portfolio Ergonomist (EMA)

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Virtual manikins with greater precision than standard anthropometric body dimensions

Some special product and workplace designs call for virtual manikins with greater precision than standard anthropometric body dimensions. Ergonomist (EMA) enables more precise manipulation of dimensions. Ergonomists can create a wide range of boundary manikins, targeted populations, and specific individuals, to be used (with other Ergonomics Processes) for specific evaluations. EMA makes it simple to create these lifelike manikins for use in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Ergonomists can also tune the range of motions of these manikins, and prepare the posture analysis through postural scores .

Validate design through custom manikins
  • A larger range of population percentiles - Ergonomist gives planners access to a larger scope of population files. Manikins can be based on whichever percentile most precisely reflects a specific population. Planners can literally create any person out of any population, or from measurements of a real person—such as a race driver or pilot
  • Automatically defined variable lengths - The Editor gives planners manikin segments with 103 variables. The length of the variables is automatically defined when you choose a population. If you choose to select a 75th percentile Japanese woman, for example, the database will supply the length of each body element
  • Custom manikin anthropometry - EMA users may need very detailed manikins to represent specific persons—for example, a certain pilot for a customized aircraft, or boundary manikins that cover a selected percentage of the population. In these cases, users can modify any of the 103 variables that define the manikin’s anthropometry to make it specific to a person or population. Joint limits can be defined to examine movement restrictions in a variety of situations, including limitations for handicapped workers. Range of motion can be precisely defined.
Create manikins with any stature
  • Creation of a wide range of humans - EMA makes it easy to create a manikin from our default population set, for any percentile. This human can then be re-dimensioned, for each segment, in a manual way, to represent a particular measured person, or to be able to create boundary test manikins to be used in the other ergonomic processes
  • Customizable range of motion for each joint - EMA makes it easy to customize joint rotation limits or even lock them in a specific position to reflect different degrees of flexibility. Users can modify joint parameters on one side of the body, and then copy them to the opposite side
  • Comfort or safety scoring for postures - EMA can be used to identify the safest or most comfortable postures for a person performing a given activity through the usage of postural scores. Comfort or safety information can be saved to a catalog and applied to manikins as desired. Comfort or safety scoring can be displayed as a color code on the manikin; EMA will suggest optimal joints posture for specific actions based on comfort or safety scoring
  • Capture and re-use ergonomic enterprise standards - A customized manikin, including its attributes, can be saved for use in future evaluation scenarios. Capturing company knowhow saves time and effort for downstream users


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