3DEXPERIENCE Manufacturing Engineer (PST)

3DEXPERIENCE Manufacturing Engineer (PST)

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Manufacturing Process and Resource Project Administration

Manufacturing Engineer (PST) gives project managers and project assistants an easy-to-use tool for creating and managing the product, process, and resource (PPR) structure for a project or a program. Guided by an intuitive user interface, users can establish the PPR structure and make connections among the process, the resource, manufacturing systems, and products. Downstream stakeholders can use this structure for process planning and detailing. Project managers and other stakeholders all over the enterprise can use PST throughout the planning cycle to monitor the progress of the project.


  • PPR structure authoring
  • High-level relationship authoring: defining the product’s scope
  • Leveraging PPR objects from the 3DEXPERIENCE® catalog
  • Easy access to planning details as plans mature

User values

  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • An easy to use environment for project managers and administrators
  • A fast path to user proficiency


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