Plant Layout Designer (PLA-OC)
Plant Layout Designer (PLA-OC)
Plant Layout Designer (PLA-OC)
Plant Layout Designer (PLA-OC)

Plant Layout Designer (PLA-OC)

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Advanced, efficient tools for factory resource layout for manufacturing and facility planners


Plant Layout Designer (PLA) gives manufacturing planners and facility planners advanced, efficient tools for factory resource layout.  PLA includes a catalog of parametric resources such as conveyors, shelving, tables, and containers that can leverage existing 2D factory drawings and be snapped to the 2D drawings to quickly realize the 3D layout. Advanced positioning makes it very easy to move, snap, and align these resources.


PLA gives planners a realistic environment for defining and validating shop floor layouts, delivering them to the shop floor for construction, and sharing them with other stakeholders for enriching and validating process plans.


Fast and efficient layout definition

PLA’s catalog of parametric equipment eases the work of plant designers.  Most of the widely used plant equipment is available; no need to design it from scratch for every new layout.  Simplified layout tools let users position, align, and snap layout objects quickly.  PLA tools are easy to use and intuitive; non-CAD experts can efficiently define Plant Layout Designs.


Collaborative plant design and early discovery of layout problems

Avoid costly layout redesigns by enabling users to collaborate and share 3D layouts throughout the enterprise for review and feedback, avoiding costly rework.


Access to layout data throughout the extended enterprise

Create layout data that can easily be shared across the enterprise as 3DXML or 2D drawings or in other formats for review, feedback, and collaborating with suppliers. The data can be used seamlessly for resource planning and 3D validation studies.


Leveraging of intellectual property

Create and validate best practices, saving them to Catalogs for reuse by other stakeholders and to build corporate standards.

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