R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Cutting Tool Technologist

R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Cutting Tool Technologist

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Import tools and components to create catalogs of cutting tool assemblies for NC programmers

Cutting Tool Technologist (NTT) enables Tool Technologists to import tools and components to create catalogs of cutting tool assemblies for NC programmers. Users select and download resources directly from tool manufacturers’ websites—files that describe cutters, adapters, holders and extensions.  These files include material-specific attributes, geometric parameters, and a 3D representation. These are imported into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in compliance with the international standard STEP/ISO13399 format.


Define the use of tools in relation to the part, and create tool assemblies with cutting characteristics specific to the part and its material. A catalog containing these tool assemblies from the manufacturers’ product files can be created and saved as 3DEXPERIENCE PLM resources. 


With all resources assembled offline and readily accessible, the NC programmer becomes highly efficient. Access the tool assemblies catalog, tool actions, and tool assemblies on the part materials. Then, create an NC program that combines the tool assemblies, the NC machine, the fixtures, the available stock, and the part. Generate a tool list for the tool room and create machine code that enables the machine operator to cut the part. The complete process is saved in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for reference and reuse.  


Making the NC programmer more efficient

Equipped with a part-specific catalog of tools and tool assemblies, with specifications downloaded directly from manufacturers’ websites, the NC programmer is equipped to move more quickly and decisively to create a machine-code program. The manufacturers’ files are complete, providing geometrical parameters, 3D design representation and technical attributes. Time to production is sharply reduced.


ISO 13399-compliant tools

Tools supplied in the NC programmer’s catalog, pre-selected by the Tool Technologist, will be compliant with the international ISO13399 standard.


Tool assembly definition for the NC programmer

The catalog prepared in NTT defines the tool assemblies that will be used to create the machine-code program for shop floor use by the machine operator. It defines the use of the cutters, based on tool parameters and the effects of material on cutting conditions, and ensures that the process will be right the first time. Time, rework and waste are dramatically reduced.


Archiving and reusing the process

Create a part-specific catalog of all the tools and tool assemblies required to cut the part, including the assemblies created for the process, and saves them as 3DEXPERIENCE PLM resources. The entire process, including machine code, is saved for reference and reused, resulting in significant time savings for future jobs. This makes it easy for companies to implement standard practices and retain machining expertise.


Import NC Cutting Tools in 3DEXPERIENCE through an exchange file with neutral format

Import all tools and components from CATIA V5 machining or any external database into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The import can be done in one or several steps, avoiding duplication of already existing components. This facilitates the migration of CATIA V5 Machining customers who want to retrieve V5 resources in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Implement standard practices for tool use 

Standardize on common practices for tool use across the machine shop or the entire enterprise. Standard tool inventories are kept to reduce the waste of un-used tools and assemblies. 


ISO13399 Compliant  

Take advantage of the ISO13399 standard for cutting tool data representation and exchange to create tool geometry. Assign cutting attributes automatically for use in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This ensures that correct tool data is available with the assigned cutting parameters. 


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