R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Manufacturing Engineer

R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Manufacturing Engineer

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Manufacturing Engineer (PST) gives process engineers an easy-to-use tool with one single application for creating and managing manufacturing process data of a given product. Guided by an intuitive user interface, users can define the manufacturing items, routings and operations and associated resources. The 3D display helps the user understand and correctly define process engineering data.


Groundbreaking user experience in all applications 

Included in a unified new navigational interface across the entire 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that provides single access to all applications. The streamlined user interface provides a unique visual signature, easy access to software commands, and immediate access to key information and services.  The integrated user experience is available on premise and on cloud. 


An easy to use environment for process planners 

Quickly define all process engineering data with manufacturing items (as Manufacturing Bill 0f Materials), routings management, and resource allocation inside one single application.  The user can customize the working interface by organizing the necessary immersive panels for editing attributes, navigating relations, assignment management, and the 3D display. 


A fast path to user proficiency 

Manufacturing Engineer’s simplified interface helps users to be proficient at navigating, creating, and editing the process engineering data. Thanks to the 3D synchronized display and specific process engineering interfaces like the Gantt chart and the Workload balancing bar-chart, the user is able to define & validate the whole fabrication or assembly sequence and optimize the workload along the production line. 


Process Engineering structures authoring

Provides a simple interface to define and manage all Process Engineering structures. It allows the user to define the Manufacturing Items structure by reorganizing the product for manufacturing purposes. It lets them define the Process Plans with detailed operations, as well as associated resources (workers, machines, tools, etc). Create, analyze, and update links between all these items by combining the usage of the Spec Tree, the Assignment Panel, the 3D Viewer and key indicators like the Assignment Status.


3D Viewer and product build-up synchronization

While defining the process plans, the user receives immediate 3D feedback from any selected element. The 3D viewer will react and synchronize the display based on the selected product item, assembly step or routing. This will help them understand the product and correctly define the fabrication process.


Leveraging manufacturing objects from the 3DEXPERIENCE® catalog

When companies work with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to create and manage manufacturing processes, they can capture intellectual property by saving manufacturing objects in a 3DEXPERIENCE® catalog as templates or reference. This allows enterprises to establish standards and leverage know how. Users have access to the catalog and can instantiate manufacturing objects as they create and manage process plans.

What's New

2021x FD05


Offers an improved end-user experience while defining the Manufacturing or Service BOM and Processes to access relevant information. Define and analyze complex, configured, and non-configured manufacturing data structures with new, efficient tools.

  • New BI easily identifies, through color-coded maturity states, both consumed and defined objects
  • A new structure visualization mode within the PPR spreadsheet editor – Flat View, allows the user re-organize the original structure and dynamically creates it based on any grouping criteria (reference, attribute value or object type)
  • Simplify overall user experience when defining and reviewing configured processes
    • Automatically filter Operations based on consumed manufacturing items (implicit filtering)
    • Maintain the process sequence after filtering out Operations
    • Implicit filtering helps to avoid defining or replicating variants or options effectivity from Manufacturing Items to Operations



  • New Replace by Proposal command - The new Replace by Proposal command provides the user with suggested replacement candidates when replacing Manufacturing Items. The suggestions offered to the user are customizable, based on the rules defined in the Business logics.
  • New Manage Inconsistent Manufactured Item-Product Scope command - When Scope Links are impacted by engineering modifications, the Manage Inconsistent Manufactured Item-Product Scope command will provide to the user some update actions proposals based on customizable behavior. Users can Reconnect scopes through several strategies ruled by a new dedicated Business Logic. They can Replace by New Revision (the resulting product is also revised), Replace by New, Replace by existing (provided by the BL) , Reroute only (the implement links), Ignore (do nothing).
  • Enhancements to Automatic MBOM Generation - Several enhancements are provided to the automatic MBOM Generation utility. In the Product Structure, all non-relevant items for manufacturing (like hierarchical nodes or pure engineering design data) are flagged with a specific attribute value, which will be checked during the automatic generation of the MBOM, allowing the items to be ignored in the Manufacturing Items structure. Also, more efficient automatic MBOM creation is provided based on customizable criteria. This criteria allows the user to specify under which parent node a new Manufacturing Item will be assigned, which is defined in the related business rule. Users can also automatically replicate the variant effectivity options, so the user no longer needs to set the configuration options manually.
  • Enhanced spreadsheet view in Manufacturing Context Builder - The spreadsheet view has been enhanced to enhance session preparation. The user can now display attributes in their view and customize which attributes they prefer. This allows the user to sort objects in the spreadsheet by group. Once the preferred list is displayed it can then be saved as a preset. Users can save multiple pre-sets and then easily switch between them.
  • New partial loading command in Manufacturing Context Builder - A new Partial Loading command is introduced into the Manufacturing Context Builder to speed up the loading process. The new command combines the Completion and Open in One Shot commands into a single action that provides significant improvement in performance when opening PPR data by allowing the completion computation to be completed on the server side, thus eliminating client/server interactions.

Global Definition of Process Plans in an easy-to-use application 


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