R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Manufacturing Items Engineer

R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Manufacturing Items Engineer

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Manufactured Items Manager (MFN) allows the Manufacturing Bill of Material or MBOM (also known as the Manufacturing Items Structure) to be defined, managed, and updated directly from the 3D design data. MFN is a web based solution that uses the 3D Product Structure as input for authoring the Manufacturing Items Structure, allowing it to be leveraged across Manufacturing and Production. When creating the MBOM, users can choose to display the Engineering Structure, the Manufacturing Structure, or both. Users can easily create a structure of the new MBOM. They can simply drag and drop the design data to begin from scratch, create it from the existing product structure, or from a template they have previously created. Users can review the status of items as they create the new structure and as it is updated from the Product Structure.


Manage the Manufactured Items Structure

As updates occur in the Product Structure, MFN allows the user to view the status of the items assigned in the MBOM. During creation or update of the MBOM, users can easily reconcile the objects. Since users have a view of objects that have been used in the MBOM and their status (new, removed, etc.), they gain a clearer understanding of how engineering changes affect the MBOM.


Leverage the MBOM across DELMIA applications

When the MBOM structure has been authored using MFN, it can then be leveraged across the DELMIA applications in Process Planning, Robotics, Ergonomics, and Fabrication. The seamless integration between the DELMIA applications promotes digital continuity across the enterprise.


Simple to use interface

This light and easy authoring tool is easy to use and deploy, providing easy access for creating the Manufactured Item structure (MBOM). The widget can be used in a customized dashboard in combination of other widgets to fit the user’s needs, like 3D Play or Change Management for example. Drag and drops between widgets provides easy and efficient user interaction.

 What's New

2021x FD05


Improve process compliance and process planning continuity by sending Manufacturing BOM (MBOM) data directly to the ERP system

  • Set up a centralized MBOM definition solution by removing the need to reconcile BOM data from the ERP system
  • A dedicated web service triggers the event to push the MBOM definition for downstream usage

Grouping View calculates the number of parts for a given structure, summarizing materials for production or procurement

  • Enhanced end-user experience provides a reference quantity roll-up, applied recursively at each level of the structure as well as a single level (flat BOM view)
  • Perform structural groupings on manufacturing items


2021x FD04


Provide an enhanced end-user experience by providing one level, reference quantity roll-up capability

  • Improve Engineering to Manufacturing collaboration with a simple UI to access the Alternates or Substitutes definition of the Engineering Item


2021x FD01


MFN on the Cloud 


Configuration Management 

Manage configurable Manufacturing BOM structures to optimize data reuse in a single structure that satisfy all possible variations. Configuration Management within MFN provides the ability to 

  • Define and manage configured Manufactured Items 
  • Author in a configured context  
  • Generate a resolved Bill Of material for a configuration 
  • Have access to easy and advanced configuration analysis for finer structure understanding, project tracking and decision-making. 


2019x & 2020x 


Global update of MBOM structure 

The Update Mfg Item Structure command provides a new automatic update, which allows the user to update the whole Manufacturing BOM for all impacted Manufacturing Items by engineering modifications, and consumed new Engineering Items. 


New Change Impact Management command 

The new Change Impact Management command is a dedicated UI to manage Manufacturing BOM updates individually, based on the impacting engineering modifications. It provides the user with a list of all impacted items. It also proposes to the user what actions may be taken against the items to manage the update. The user can then choose the applicable update to apply. 


Easy creation of the Manufactured Items Structure

MFN allows users to create the MBOM from scratch, or create it from the existing product structure, or from a template. The user defined templates save time and reduce re-work by allowing the user to create and then apply the templates to new products or variants. Users can also create a custom Manufactured Items Structure based on their own business rules; for example, they can consume only specific items from the Product Structure based on attribute values. Users can choose to display the Engineering Product Structure, the Manufactured Items Structure, or both. While authoring, the 3D widget helps users gain a better understanding by providing a 3D view of the Product data.


Quick and efficient updates of the MBOM

When updates are made to the Engineering Product Structure, tools in MFN along with common change and configuration tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allow the user to easily manage and reconcile the updates in the MBOM.  MFN makes it easy for users to easily understand how engineering changes impact the Manufactured Items Structure at any stage of the engineering process.


Define alternate parts or assemblies

When parts and assemblies are defined, there may be different design configurations or suppliers for the parts.  Users of MFN can create alternate parts and assemblies for production planning. They can also manage manufacturing alternatives, plant responsibilities and make/buy decisions for Parts and Assemblies.


Export MBOM

Once the user has completed the Manufacturing BOM structure, it can be exported in CSV format. The output can then be used for downstream processes, such as procurement by the ERP system.


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