R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Service Process Engineer

R2021x 3D Experience DELMIA Service Process Engineer

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SEN is a dedicated application that addresses the needs of complex product and servicing of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) activities. It enables designers, manufacturing engineers, and service process engineers to work on a single configured 3D model, each with their own view tailored to their needs. This role can be used in conjunction with other existing DELMIA roles such as Process Simulation Analyst to perform disassembly and re-assembly simulations, or Work Instructions Designer to generate graphical work instructions for the service process. 


Manage the Service Bill oMaterials with up-to-date data  

Using the Product Engineering Items structure (aka Product Structure or EBOM) as input, the User can define which items need to be managed for a Service order by specifying serviceable items for the execution of Maintenance tasks. The Service Items structure can be maintained over time by keeping track of Product Engineering evolutions and identifying the changes on the service items structure. 


Leverage up-to-date engineering data to build Maintenance Tasks 

Using the Service Items structure (aka Service Bill of Materials) and Maintenance Requirements as input, the user is able to define all necessary Maintenance Tasks Activities to describe all the steps of the Service Process and specifying consumed Items and associated pre-defined Requirements to be fulfilled. 

Plan and manage service resources 

The user associates all necessary service resources such as tools, parts, worker skills, etc. during the Maintenance Tasks (MT) definition.  


Capitalize and re-use maintenance practices across the enterprise  

Maintenance tasks can be standardized, stored in the 3DExperience Platform and organized in catalogs. The data is indexed based on tags and re-used directly as-is or as a template to be adapted for a new one. 


Visualize the service process in 3D 

Leveraging 3D, the user can easily identify the parts and visualize how the product would look at each process step, then facilitate the maintenance tasks activities. 



Service BOM and Maintenance Tasks definition leveraging 3D data 

Using the Engineering items CAD data, users are able to build the service items structure and related maintenance tasks with direct 3D feedback for part identification and process step synchronization.  


Consistent model to define and update Maintenance Routings and Operations 

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides all necessary capabilities such as Life Cycle Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Issue Management, Relation Explorer, etc… all applicable on the dedicated Service data model for an efficient process throughout the product lifecycle. 

 What's New

2021x FD05


Offers an improved end-user experience while defining the Manufacturing or Service BOM and Processes to access relevant information. Define and analyze complex, configured, and non-configured manufacturing data structures with new, efficient tools.

  • New BI easily identifies, through color-coded maturity states, both consumed and defined objects
  • A new structure visualization mode within the PPR spreadsheet editor – Flat View, allows the user re-organize the original structure and dynamically creates it based on any grouping criteria (reference, attribute value or object type)
  • Simplify overall user experience when defining and reviewing configured processes
    • Automatically filter Operations based on consumed manufacturing items (implicit filtering)
    • Maintain the process sequence after filtering out Operations
    • Implicit filtering helps to avoid defining or replicating variants or options effectivity from Manufacturing Items to Operations


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