3DEXPERIENCE Robotics Programmer (RTP)

3DEXPERIENCE Robotics Programmer (RTP)

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Simulate, Import and Export Robot Programs

Robotics Programmer (RTP) provides an interactive 3D environment where Robot Programmers can create, simulate and validate the entire robot workcell as well as create production ready robot programs. RTP provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage robot processes, tooling and programs along with functionality to import and export robot programs. Advanced robotic applications which utilize a workpiece positioner or a fixed tool center point are supported in this comprehensive simulation and offline programming solution. RTP also provides advanced workcell calibration capabilities that improve the accuracy of the translated program. Robot programmers can position resources and simulate tools and robots to validate robotic applications such as material handling, and create a complete workcell sequence. Robot Programmers can perform feasibility studies while creating optimized, interference-free, production robot programs that execute robotic operations. RTP includes an extensive library of robots and controllers for all major industrial robot manufacturers to support layout, simulation, and programming. These capabilities simultaneously improve quality, reduce costs, and maximize resource utilization by keeping production equipment engaged in value-added activities.


  • Support advance logic and I/O in device programs
  • Optimize trajectories
  • Align 3D virtual workcells with physical workcells
  • Use Realistic Robot Simulation I (RRS-I) for increased simulation accuracy
  • Native Robot Language Teach Experience
  • Robotics On–the–Go (Offline Mode)

User values

  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Fast, simple robotic workcell layout
  • Concurrent robot simulation
  • Improved collaboration between robot programmers and designers
  • Creation, simulation and validation of robot tasks in the manufacturing context
  • Greater productivity for Robot Programmers
  • Fast and easy robot placement
  • Import, export, and customization of programs using VB.Net


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