3DEXPERIENCE Robotics Surface Engineer (RSF) Software

3DEXPERIENCE Robotics Surface Engineer (RSF) Software

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DELMIA Robotics Surface Engineer (RSF) facilitates the creation and simulation of robotic surface processes—spraying, flaming, grinding, and finishing. In the integrated 3DEXPERIENCE® environment, Simulation Engineers use product and tooling geometry to validate robotic workcells and advanced robot processes in the immersive context of the 3D environment.Simulation Engineers can position resources, create robot trajectories, simulate robotic functions and create a complete workcell sequence. They can define, validate, and optimize surface processes and setups ahead of delivery to the shop floor. Users can draw from the DELMIA robot library of over 1500 robots. Line-tracking capabilities insure that the most accurate simulation is achieved. RSF makes it easy to define surface trajectories directly from product geometry, using parameters that include approach, departure and spacing to find the most optimum strategy for a given process. Spray gun-specific attributes such as nozzle shapes and pressure can be customized to the process. Support for electrostatic paint and shot peen applications are also included in this comprehensive solution.


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