Kash Behdinan President of Pointfar Automation is recognized as one the best Entrepreneur of 2020 by Industry Era

Virtual Commissioning, Industrial Design, and Automation Design”

Virtual Commissioning, Industrial Design, and Automation Design”

All across the country right now, we are seeing smart, creative people doing ingenious things to provide critical essential services during the COVID pandemic. Among those we are glad to recognize Kash Behdinan as one of the 10 entrepreneur of 2020 . Kash Behdinan is president of Pointfar Automation LLC and Professor at California State University of Northridge. His recognition for Best entrepreneur of on 2020 is due to his contribution to digitalization and helping the community to advance in Simulation and Digital twin platforms . Kash Behdinan is founder of the Company Pointfar Automation and have created an edge cutting software platform for digitalization and digital twin.

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Kash Behdinan has been director for Process Measurement and control division for International Society of Automation from 2018-2020. He has been co-chair for ISA at Montreal 2018 conference and he has been the conference chair for 61st International Instrumentation symposium and also served as technical program chair for 2015, 2016, 2017 Process control and Safety Symposium. His specialization in Mechatronic and He has successfully completed more than hundred automation projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented global need for Safe Project execution. As the spread of COVID-19 continues in the U.S., there is a change going on around the country. Companies are repurposing their facilities to manufacture the products that healthcare professionals desperately need. Given the current Pandemic situation The ability to run and mange production-supporting processes from locations remote from the actual production site has never been more relevant.

Kash Behdinan goal from the beginning was to provide quality Digital Platform with simplified services. With this goal in mind, the company has developed a lot of digitalized services. Among them, the most significant one is Digital twin and Virtual commissioning. “Virtual commissioning uses 3D technology to create a simulation model of a factory floor process so that changes and upgrades can be tested before implementing them in actual plant systems"

As control systems engineers, we can leverage digital twins for production without needing to be highly skilled in model construction and simulation. With computer-aided engineering, simulation tools can be used to reach maximum performance, and then we use the isolation model to enhance our design. We also have an object-oriented information base that includes models of the production system, so you can scale these capabilities into different areas. All of these things can be done remotely, as well as integrated data management. Everything will be working exactly as it is on site, or in the operation system.

Machine builders can use this app to integrate robots in and virtually commission using Machine Simulator.

Virtual Commissioning, the reproduction of a system in a virtual environment through a software simulation applied to a digital twin, can become a valid ally in the realization of complex industrial systems. Problems and bugs solved directly in the design phase, shortened production times, parallel activities on the same project make virtual commissioning a versatile and efficient design method.

Kash Behdinan Created a strong way to make this happen is through the utilization of digitalization in multiple platforms to achieve this goal

By simulating and validating any automation equipment virtually you can confirm that they will work as expected and significantly reduce system installation cost and startup time.

Also fixing a machine issue during commissioning can be up to 100 times more expensive than fixing it in the design phase, in additional to the risk of missing your customer’s production start date.

As one of his entrepreneurship activities was creating a digital Model for human Lung and simulating a ventilator Control system. Kash Behdinan thinks In this case, digital twin technology is the most viable solution because Ventilator manufacturers can fully test their system. You can't put a ventilator with a human and say with 100 percent confidence that it is going to work—because what if it doesn't? Everything has to be tested in different scenarios: the maximum and minimum withholding pressure, the normal capabilities. The digital platform will help out with all of this. In a simulation model, you can change the route, you can change the size to get adjusted pressure; it doesn't hurt anyone. Equipment is pretty much free, and you don't have to wait for a valve to arrive or for a sensor to be found. Nowadays, engineers need a way to do their engineering work at home without even accessing the machine—and this is it. This is the future.

Kash Behdinan also Created an Autonomous Robot will be the next step in quickly adapting to an ever-shifting response to world-wide pandemics. The system is a first-line defense when crisis befalls the world. The robot’s ability to follow a user’s path frees up mental and physical stress when accessing contaminated areas.

The Secret of Pointfar Automation’s Success

The company’s success lies in its two core products – Virtual Commissioning and 3D simulation. While delineating on its products, Behdinan says, “We have done an extensive amount of work in the area of Virtual commissioning and 3D simulation. Our expertise is connecting control systems to 3D model and commissions all PLC and HMI program in the 3D Simulation environment.” He adds, “We have been engaged in multiple Automation projects in a different industry and think this is the ultimate Model of the future .”

Pointfar Automation has been in eye sight of many big organization and multiple multi-million Dollar Merger acquisition offers have been received by Pointfar Automation in a short period of time by multiple Fortune 500 Companies. Kash Behdinan thinks that the idea of digitalization will be t a new norm of engineering and hence the company value has been raised up quickly in a very short amount of time . Pointfar Automation is Located in Santa Clarita California and owns and operates a facility of around 6000 SQFT . IE

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