Electrical Design Service

providing a comprehensive Electrical designs & Schematic CAD Drawings to meet specific needs of the clients in various electrical projects.

Electrical Design Service

Our key Electrical Design services

Electrical single line diagram & Load list preparation.

Determining the size of transformers, switchgears, Schematic drawings.

Electrical panel schedules, Electrical site plans Cable/harness

Drawings Cable Tray layouts, Cable sizing and schedules.

3D Model drawings for complete electrical system.

Layout Drawings for Panel Design of Power distribution system.

Design of fire protection system

Preparing Bill of Material for Electrical items

CCTV & Data communication design system.

Multi-discipline 2D Schematics infrastructure

Tubing, electrical,hydraulic and other designers can now create Principal and Block schematic diagrams, with specific discipline support, resulting in faster and more compliant deliverables. Engineers accustomed to a certain industry-specific presentation of symbols, components and connections will recognize and feel comfortable with this new approach.

Electrical Design

.manufacturers are stretched to save time and cost 

Fully associative 3D & Flattened harness models enabling design synchronization and concurrent engineering ·

Simplification of the 3D harness design process ·      

Electrical Design in accordance with UL 508A.

We Follow safety compliance requirements of the UL 508A Standard for industrial control panels and the new requirements found in the National Electrical Code ® (NEC) Article 409 and UL 508A Supplement B.