3DEXPERIENCE  Product Mechanical Designer for Home & Lifestyle (PRMDL-OC)

3DEXPERIENCE Product Mechanical Designer for Home & Lifestyle (PRMDL-OC)

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Empower mechanical designers to design and validate any kind of Home & Lifestyle sophisticated products

Product Mechanical Designer for Home & Lifestyle role provides an extensive set of applications in order to fully cover the collaborative design process for the mechanical parts and assemblies as well as electronic circuit boards, in 3D, for products such as home devices or hobby goods. Designers can also validate the structural strength of the assemblies as well as their motion through complete kinematics studies, uncovering design errors and collisions during the entire movements. Designers can easilly recreate virtual models from scans and, on the other hand, a dedicated application simplifies the preparation for parts to be 3D printed.

  • Provide manufacturing-ready plastic or metallic injected, or sheet metal parts with advanced and productive apps
  • Quickly generate a virtual model form scanned real prototype, prepare virtual models for 3D printing
  • Create 3D mechanical shapes of printed circuit boards in the context of the mechanical assembly
  • Track and analyze the entire kinematics behavior of the mechanical system along the complete development process
  • Validate mechanical motions and share to all the stakeholders 3D animations and space reservations
  • Predict the structural behavior of the mechanical assemblies under loads
  • Quickly build human manikins for designing  product in the context of personas.
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  • Exhaustive set of best-in-class applications for mechanical design, especially for sheetmetal, plastic or metallic injection casted complex parts.
  • Best-in-class generative shape design
  • Part and Assembly drawings, fully compliant with standards such as ISO, ANSI, JIS or DIN.
  • 3D Printing preparation
  • Rigid and flexible 3D circuit board design, in context of the full assembly
  • Part feature recognition from existing 3D STEP or IGES standard files


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