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3DEXPERIENCE Sheet Metal Designer – SMW

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Increase & parallelize rich weight reduction trade-off studies of generated design alternatives with high quality shapes respecting structural & thermal KPI targets


The Structural Generative Designer role workflow starts with the capture of functional specifications such as geometrical context, targeted performance and constraints. Concept shapes are then generated automatically to obtain an exact geometric representation that can easily be structurally validated.


From a baseline design study, it is easy to create, visualize and compare different alternatives and their resulting KPIs to perform a tradeoff and select the best concept.

A wide range of Manufacturing constraints, such as Additive Manufacturing printing direction or constraints related to more conventional processes such as milling, casting and forging can drive the design throughout the entire workflow


As the workflow converges towards a Detailed Design, the Design Engineer has various sets of capabilities to assist with the detailed modeling of the part or the assembly. This includes further refinement and convergence of the optimized shape, globally or locally, without re-running the topology optimization. Users can tune parameters, setting an acceptable range for each of them. The generated shape can easily be structurally validated before being finalized.

  • Compare and assess different configurations against KPIs to select the best lightweight concept
  • Reduce local stresses and further reduce mass through parametric & shape optimization
  • Workflow assistant to guide the user in every step of the process
  • Automatic generation of a functional concept CAD
  • Best-in-class detailed modeling
  • Validate easily the structural behavior of the lightweight design with comprehensive sets of loading and boundary conditions
What's New

New Role


Benefits from the enhancements coming from the Function Driven Generative Designer role:

  • Multi-Section Sketches
    • New command to boost parametric reconstruction by generating sketches of the section boundaries of the concept shape.
      • Option to select from various sketch profile approximation strategies
      • Ability to generate fully constrained sketches which are editable and can be parametrized
  • Evolutions to the Generate Shape command
    • A new Advanced smoothing option to provide better and faster generation of concept than the earlier smoothing option.
      • New Expert options will allow for generation of concept shape with a Targeted number of faces
  • Enhancements to the Trade Off Study command
  • Toggle and save the visibility of the KPI for each study and calculate the score based on the visible KPIs
  • New light preview option which allows to choose if 3D models should be loaded during the comparison preview. 3D models can now be loaded individually
  • Enhancements to Partition user experience
    • Improved partition command does not need an explicit selection of a volume to perform operation.
      • Volumes selection option can still be used to create partitions.
    • A new extrapolation option intelligently and automatically extrapolates the selected faces for desired partition in most cases.
  • Additional manufacturing and shape controls
    • New Extrusion control and Milling control
      • Extrusion control (targeted towards single axis milling process)
        • Multiple overlapping extrusions can be defined for more flexibility
      • Milling control (targeted towards multiple axis milling process)
        • Multiple extrusion directions can be defined
  • Local Interactive Compute option when Computing Shape
    • New Local Interactive option provides the ability to execute computation on local hardware without using 3DOrchestration services.
    • Local Interactive compute is available On-premise as well as for Cloud-connected client.
    • Embedded / Credits / Tokens compute modes are also supported with Local Interactive solve.
    • Local client must be kept active throughout the execution process
  • Disconnect feature enhancements
    • New simplified user interface workflow supporting many types of inputs to generate disconnect features:
      • Ability to select faces directly
        • with the options to propagate selection (point or tangent continuity)
      • Ability to select wires as limiting geometries
      • New capability to generate disconnect area through the “Distinct faces from Reference” option: the area is then determined from the Design Space and an associated Concept Shape.
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  • Workflow assistant to guide the user in every step of the process
  • Design space creation from any CAD data, native or imported, edited using de-featuring and other intuitive direct modeling capabilities.
  • Clearly identified Functional regions remaining the same throughout the design exploration
  • Comprehensive sets of loading and boundary conditions to precisely specify what the targeted design shall withstand.
  • Extensive Optimization setup capabilities, including frequency, displacement or stress constraints as well as manufacturing constraints
  • Additive manufacturing support strategy exploration, thanks to overhang analysis and self-supported structures proposed for a given printing direction.
  • Automatic generation of a functional concept CAD
  • Alternatives creation from a baseline study, to explore different approaches, and then compare and assess their resulting mass and other Key Performance Indicators to select the best concept.
  • No need to re-define the simulation scenario: the initial setup is reused automatically on any generated shape, from concept to final, to structurally validate it.
  • Easy-to-use interface for single objective parametric optimization of 3D Shapes
  • Local/global selection of regions for shape optimization
  • Organic modeling tools as well as prismatic modeling tools such as the Milling Assistant interact to finalize the part or the assembly detailed design.


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